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I've searched the codex but didn't find what I … WordPress custom page template allows users to integrate custom requirements such as right/left sidebar on a particular page, an additional call-to-action functionality, or maybe a unique header for a particular landing page. Subscribe to Compete Themes on Youtube.

... Navigate to /wp-content/themes folder.

The current user will be set to the logged-in person. See also # See also _wp_get_current_user() Get Current Page URL in WordPress Quick PHP code snacks to get the URL of the current page when working with WordPress—two code snippets with brief explanation.

global $wp; $current_url = home_url ( add_query_arg ( array (), $wp->request ) ); 1. If you are a WordPress developer, there are times when you need to grab the URL of the current page. Will set the current user, if the current user is not set. wp-includes/widgets/class-wp-widget-custom-html.php:WP… Get Current Page Slug WordPress There are several ways to get the current page’s or post’s slug in WordPress.

Is there a WP function to automatically get the correct URL of the current page?

In order to call it after The Loop, you must call wp_reset_query() first. Get Current Page URL in WordPress 26 March 2016 7 August 2016 Sandy Hello developers, sometimes we need small changes like today and wondering how to do these here is how to get current page URL to generate automatic link using PHP code. In order to link to a specific part of a page, you need to do two things.

Add a point to link to. Top ↑ More Information # More Information.

Description # Description. Meaning if I just opened a single post, the function returns the same as get_permalink(), but if I'm on a paginated instance of a page (when paginating through the comments), the function returns the same as get_pagenum_link(get_query_var('paged')) would do..

Description. Most simply, a post’s or page’s slug can be retrieved by accessing the global post object’s post_name property.
4. global $wp; $current_url = home_url( add_query_arg( array(), $wp->request ) ); And if you want WordPress to get current page slug only (last part without your base URL), here is the code: /* For example if your website is "https://mekshq.com/some-post", it will return "some-post" */ global $wp; … Download WordPress today, and get started on creating your website with one of the most powerful, popular, and customizable platforms in the world. Top ↑ Notes # Notes. Hello, I think that lot of you have found problems with styling the current page link in the WordPress function wp_link_pages. I am also using Bootstrap as a front-end framework. Will return true if an empty value is passed; Due to certain global variables being overwritten during The Loop, is_page() will not work. This function also accepts an ID of an object to check against if the capability is a meta capability. First, you need a way to mark a place in the page. Parameters.
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