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Department of Computer Science home page — Using Computers to Open up the Future — Department of Computer Science, School of Computing, Tokyo Institute of Technology. The university has long been known as the producer of scientists and engineers working at the frontiers of their fields, a reliable leader that aims to build a better future for the world through science and technology. Tokyo Institute of Technology is located in the heart of Tokyo, Japan, with a history of more than 130 years. The company was founded in 2011 by Mitsuhiro Takahashi, Zetta's chairman, who was previously a researcher with Panasonic, and Akihiko Tanioka, a Tokyo Tech professor emeritus and board member.

In April 2016, Tokyo Tech became the first university in Japan to establish Schools that encompass undergraduate and graduate education. Tokyo University of Technology home.

Tokyo Tech provides full degree programs in English at all levels. Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) is the top research-based national university in Japan dedicated to science and engineering higher education with a history spanning over 130 years.

2020/2/5 press Mixed Teams of Students, Professionals, and Amateurs Face a 48-Hour Game Development Challenge with over 40,000 Participants from 100 Countries in TUT’s 11th Consecutive Global Game Jam
Schools offer a seamless curricula between undergraduate and master's programs and master's and doctoral programs. The Global Scientists and Engineers Program (GSEP) is a transdisciplinary Bachelor of Engineering program that provides budding leaders a breadth of science, engineering, and management courses with a focus on solving real-world problems. Tokyo Tech consists of undergraduate and graduate programs, and many research laboratories spread over its three campuses in Tokyo and Yokohama. The University of Tokyo (東京 大学, Tōkyō daigaku), abbreviated as Todai (東大, Tōdai) or UTokyo, is a public research university located in Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan.Established in 1877 as the first imperial university, it is one of Japan's most prestigious universities..
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