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The mark of my dignity shall scar thy DNA. May 7, 2019. jackd22 Student Digital Artist. THE MARK OF MY DIGNITY SHALL SCAR THY DNA BEHOLD. A page where I talk about my love & passion for everything street fighter... Facebook.

He apparently was designed to show off that they can have a character who doesn't have an Ambidextrous Sprite - in this and back in SFIII, he'd show the proper side of his body based on which way he was facing and would also throw out projectiles of the element currently facing the camera.. Ironically, every body else still does for whatever reason even nearly 20 years later.

Leaving a large baby powder marking shaped like the growth used to assault the victim. We have added some common shortcuts to Capcom-Unity.

When a Male Violently hits their victim across the ass cheek, or face with the substaintial growth from their netherlands with baby powder on it. ~ Gill Gill is a major antagonist in the Street Fighter video game series, debuting in Street Fighter III as the main antagonist and final opponent.

I Am Street Fighter is on Facebook.

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13 talking about this. Street Bunnies II. ... “The mark of my dignity shall scar thy dna” Gill returns! View more info. I am street fighter! "The mark of my dignity shall scar thy DNA." It's been 20 years and I still have no clue what that means.
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