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I recommend doing it this way, as Macs can be choosy about what formats their hard drives. I know I am supposed to format it for Mac via disk utility before I can use it, but this process also fails. Go to Disk Utility and select the unrecognized WD hard drive from the sidebar. Here you'll find differences. Récupération des données Wondershare, ou Récupération des données Wondershare pour Mac est un outil de récupération du disque Western Digital qui vous permet de récupérer des données du WD Éléments d’une manière facile et sans risque.

3. Fast transfer rates When connected to a USB 3.0 port, WD Elements portable storage delivers maximum performance for data transfers. WD Elements™ portable hard drives with USB 3.0 offer reliable, high-capacity storage to go, fast data transfer rates, universal connectivity and massive capacity for value-conscious consumers.

Or hardware encryption or password protection. WD My Passport elements are not readable on Mac? A 1TB, 2TB or larger drive could make your life so much easier.

The WD DLG shows the total capacity of the drive, not the remaining free one so this doesn't mean the data is gone.

However, I recently bought a new one (the exact same one) - just to have 2 backups just in case - and my Macbook doesn’t recognize it. 电脑小白亲身经历手把手教您如何制作一个Mac和Windows两用硬盘。首先得要了解Mac上的Time Machine功能,就是将硬盘设置为TM备份盘后则会自动备份Mac的所有文件,这样无论何时都可以通过备份轻松将Mac还原成你熟悉… Could you please navigate to Disk Management and see how the drive is seen there. J'ai également un problème similaire. Right click and choose "Erase" from the pop-up menu. I have a WD Elements 1tb which works perfectly when I use it with TimeMachine. En retrait dans + 50 magasins. Step 2: Fix WD hard drive not recognized error by reformatting. I followed these directions, and it was effortless.

Let me explain.

Using your WD Elements drive for both your home Mac and work Windows PC means.

Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me with this. I know I am supposed to format it for Mac via disk utility before I can use it, but this process also fails. Le disque dur WD ne s'affiche pas dans Windows 10, cela peut être du à une manque ou à un conflit de la lettre de lecteur. But you can add encryption and a password for your WD Elements drive using your Mac's operating system.. And throw up issues when you format the external hard drive on a Windows PC and then you use on your Mac. It will reformat the drive in about a minute. Disque dur externe Wd MY PASSPORT MAC 4TO.

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