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※サンプル問題とその模範解答は,公益財団法人 日本英語検定協会の発表によるものです。 Pre- 模範解答 I think that students should take part in club activities. 20 After-School Activities That Are Actually Fun. Sport should not be compulsory because the student should have a say in what they do at the school, and some students don't like sport that much and rather do a music or art but the time for that gets taken up by a sport. If you are talking more than your students are in class, you should probably think about stepping back and letting them do more of the communicating. The simple act of letting them talk more will boost the spirits of frustrated students. 12. While preparing you for the future, high school is where you learn exactly what it means to be a good citizen. They’re perfect for the classroom and hallways of your school.

Are you a high school student or the parent of one and are wondering how high school students should spend their summers?Summer is a great time to relax and recharge, but it’s also an excellent chance for students to get work experience, do an activity they enjoy, and boost their chances of getting into a top college. I have two reasons. For example, a shy student who is trying to gain more confidence might join Theatre Arts Club. Which in my opinion is not necessary attending sport twice a week will not do anything if the student doesn't want to be there. A major component of being a good citizen is … To understand the importance of co-curricular activities, let us see how these activities benefit students: You can send a strong message just by hanging posters or art, like these free mini posters. Impact of Extracurricular Activities on Students by Nikki Wilson A Research Paper Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Master of Science Degree III School Counseling Approved: 2 Semester Credits 2 The Graduate School University of Wisconsin-Stout May, 2009 . And hey, they might learn from these too (but don't tell them that)!

13. If so, how? Students should first think about what activities they are passionate about before they think about which ones might help them get into college or which ones all of their friends participate in. Do you think students should take part in club activities at school? Do you think times like this, when large numbers of young people are reacting to an issue in the news, should be treated in school as “teachable moments”? The school activities have to be designed purposefully to give an apt mix of student’s participation in academics and also to create a chance for all-round development. For example, I met many nice people when I joined the art club. Picking an activity that will challenge you can be a good option as well.

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